People in Egypt have taken to social media in a show of solidarity after a deadly attack killed at least 54 police and security officers in the Western Desert last Friday, according to The Guardian.

It was reported that they were killed when their raid on a suspected militant hideout near the Bahariya Oasis - around 135 kilometers southwest of Cairo - was ambushed, which resulted in one of the deadliest firefights for Egyptian security forces in recent years.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been flooded with photos of men and women, saluting the fallen officers with the Arabic hashtag 'Salute them wherever you are, they sacrificed their lives for our safety'.

Egyptian actor, writer and film producer Asser Yassin launched the campaign by posting this photo...

He also asked his followers to share their salute. His photo was accompanied by the caption: "If the world chooses to turn a blind eye, we never will". 

More public figures joined the campaign.

Actors soon joined to salute the fallen officers

And so did singers... well as TV anchors

And, of course, Egyptians from all walks of life joined the campaign to show solidarity

The campaign is not only for civilians

Soldiers from the armed forces also paid their respect to the police and security officers. 

"Salute everyone who has fought or is still fighting for our safety"

"Rest in peace, gentlemen!"