A video of a male cross-dresser walking outside a mall is going viral in Saudi Arabia. 

Tweeps began sharing the video on October 22 and it has since gone viral, sending Saudi Twitter into a complete meltdown. 

In the footage, the cross-dresser is seen walking outside Al Othaim Mall, a shopping center in the kingdom's Ihsa'a city, wearing an abaya, heels and a red wig. 

The video is going viral

As soon as the video started to circulate online, hundreds reacted to it with anger. 

Some, who were outraged by the man's actions, shockingly demanded that he is killed for cross-dressing via the hashtag: 'Kill Al Othaim Mall's gay man'.  

However, several tweeps responded to them, defending the man and pointing out that the reactions to the entire incident were blown out of proportion.

People were shocked by the video

"This was captured outside Al Ihsaa's Al Othaim Mall, I am shocked."

Others shared a few shocking statements

"May God rid us of these creatures."

A few said the man should be 'sentenced to death'

"Yes, he and anyone who cross-dresses should be sentenced to death. This would punish him for what he did and prevent others from following in his footsteps."

Others even reported the video to authorities

Not everyone was so harsh though, some defended the man

"People want to hurt this man when he didn't even do anything to them!! This isn't what religion tells us to do. Religion is about advising people, or praying that they find the right path."  

"This hashtag is worse than the video and reveals the sadist mentality of the person who created it"

Strict rules against cross-dressing across the GCC

Earlier this year, Instagram personality King Luxy said he was arrested and jailed in Kuwait because he looked "too feminine." 

While Luxy's story remains unverified, the arrest and deportation of cross-dressers or people who belong to the LGBTQ community are far from being uncommon in countries across the GCC. 

The countries impose strict rules and zero tolerance policies when it comes to members of the LGBT community.

Earlier this year, Kuwait deported 76 homosexuals and shut down 22 massage parlors. 

A few months ago, human rights activists from around the world also reported the murder of two transgender Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia.

"Police allegedly killed 35-year-old Amna, and Meeno, 26, both Pakistanis, after raiding a house in Saudi Arabia and arresting 35 transgender people," The Independent wrote at the time. 

In recent months, the UAE also sentenced two Singaporean [assigned at birth] males to a year in prison each for dressing in feminine attire. 

The sentence was later quashed, but they were still deported from the country.