Earlier this week, images and videos of an Egyptian woman carrying her ill husband to hospital moved thousands online.  

Speaking to a local news site, the woman, now identified as Hiba Sayed, said she has been her husband's caregiver for six years. 

"My husband has been ill for six years, he has renal problems and has to have kidney dialysis several times a week. We're a low-income family and I am struggling to make sure he consistently gets his treatment," she explained. 

"He has trouble walking so I usually carry him from our home to a main street where we often find a car that can take us to a hospital," she added. 

Her story went viral on social media after images of her carrying her husband on her back started making the rounds on the internet. 

Sayed stood by her husband even after he asked her to leave him

Sayed, who is the sole provider for her family, refused to leave her husband, even when he asked if she wanted a divorce.

"I told her that she was still young and should leave me and go on living her life, but she refused," he husband said

"She told me she wouldn't leave me until one of us died," he added. 

Her story is taking social media by storm

People are hailing her actions

"A woman who's better than a thousand men." 

"The definition of loyalty"

"This is worth a thousand merciful acts"

"Love creates miracles"

Many are now wondering how they can help out

"Why doesn't anyone provide her husband a wheelchair? That'd be so much better." 

Others are reaching out offering their support

"If anyone knows how I can get in touch with this woman, let me know."