'The Secret Life of Muslims' - a series by Seftel Productions released on Vox and The USA TODAY Network - just aired its latest episode ... and it's beyond epic.

In the video, a number of Muslim-Americans, including Iranian-American author Reza Aslan, Palestinian-American journalist Dena Takruri, Jordanian-American author and tech entrepreneur Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, among others, decided to hit back at Islamophobic trolls...


By making fun of all the different stereotypes they've had to battle with whilst living in the U.S. 

The video aims to shatter such false perceptions and is an active effort to change the existing narrative.

The series "uses humor and empathy to subvert stereotypes and reveal the truth about American Muslims" ... and this recent video is just hilarious.

"I could be talking about muffins ... and then people will be like you know in your country they don't even have the right to eat muffins"

"If you don't like it here, why don't you go back to your country? But, this is my country"

"If you were in your own country, you would get stoned"

On what they think would be the worst comment on the video: "They're going to say this is some kind of conspiracy"

On what they wish they could tell commentators: "I hope you have someone who could give you a hug"

"Go read man ... go read"

"Let's just talk like human beings"

WATCH: "Muslim Americans clapback at their trolls!"