Source: Facebook

It's an unfortunate fact that many men in the region think anything a woman does is meant for their attention. But that can't be further away from the truth for millions of women in the Arab world. 

Including an Arab tweep named Shadw Hussam, who hilariously hit back at a comment made by an Egyptian man who thinks women only wear makeup for men to like them. 

Here's how it all went down: 

First, the man made this ridiculous statement on Facebook

"Radwa El Shirbeene says she hates men and doesn't give them light of day. OK, so all this make up you're wearing? Who's it for? Your girlfriend maybe?"

It was then spotted by Hussam, who sarcastically hit back

"Oh my God you guys, they think we wear makeup for them!"

Arab women just couldn't even

"Ya lahwi ya kharabi"

"They're living on another planet"

"They think they're the center of this universe. Pathetic!"

Many joined Hussam on powerfully hitting back

"Imagine I go into Sephora and spend a huge amount of money just for a guy to like me. I'd punch myself in the face if that was the way I thought." 

With responses that were just right on point

"Men that are just mentally ill... the same ones who used to say women wear makeup and dress a certain way in order to be hit on. They don't know we do these things to please ourselves and barely even notice their existence." 

"Ever considered that she wears makeup for herself?"

To sum it up

"Arabs have issues with our makeup, clothes, the way we speak. They think everything we do, we do for them."

Case in point? We wear makeup for ourselves

"We get dressed up and get pampered for ourselves, only."