Students at Alexandria University's Faculty of Pharmacy got quite the shock when they discovered CCTV cameras were installed in the premises' toilets, Egypt Independent reported

Pupils spotted the gadgets in the women's restroom earlier this week and uploaded images of their discovery on social media. 

Their posts have since gone viral across Egypt, sparking an intense backlash against the university's administration. 

According to Egypt Independent, students accused the department's dean, Khadiga Ismail, of invading their privacy and asked the Head of Alexandria University, Essam al-Kurdy, to refer her to investigation. 

The university's dean responded saying she was the only one viewing footage

In her response to the accusations, Ismail issued a statement saying that the CCTV cameras were only recording the restroom's entrance door.

She explained that the equipment was installed in order to prevent robberies which had previously taken place on campus. 

The dean also added that monitor screens attached to the cameras were only located in her office and could not be viewed by anyone other than herself. 

The statements did little to prevent the backlash over the incident. 

In an interview with Youm 7, Ismail retracted her words, saying that the cameras installed in the toilets were not working. She stressed they will now be taken down.  

The university's officials are currently investigating the matter and are expected to issue a detailed statement on it shortly.

Students are outraged

Others just can't believe the news

"What is this?" 

Some are reacting with memes

"Is what I just read real?" 

Others are turning to sarcasm

"Alexandria's department of pharmacy is spying on students in toilets. And the dean says she's the only one who monitors the footage recorded. People, she's the only one watching, we must have trust in her, she's our dean, not a stranger." 

"When the inappropriate happens"

Many are demanding an investigation into the matter

"This has to be investigated, what type of disgusting environment are we living in."