A huge dust storm hit Saudi Arabia's Riyadh early on Sunday and continues to affect the city. Images and videos capturing sand-covered cars, streets, buildings, and highways across the kingdom's capital continue to circulate online

Amid the ongoing weather conditions, many called on schools and universities to shut down. Even though no official decision on the matter has been made, tweeps said several schools did suspend classes on Monday. 

This isn't the first time a sandstorm hits parts of the kingdom this year. In recent weeks, several Saudi regions braved similar weather irregularities, leading many schools to close down. 

Authorities have extended a warning on the most recent storm

In a tweet posted late on Monday, Saudi Arabia's General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection extended its warning on the most recent storm until Tuesday. 

Its effects are real

People have been advised to take precautions

"The dust is back"

Since it's not the first time this happens in recent weeks, many are just fed up

Some clearly lost it

Others tried to make the best out of things

A few turned to sarcasm

"Dust is back again, how fun, I pray it doesn't go away." 

People be like...

"Ka7 ka7"