Egypt's Scientific Research Academy has launched an experimental project to add a bit of green to Cairo by installing green roofs on all government ministries.

The Green Rooftop campaign is already complete on the rooftops of the ministries of Education and Scientific Research, with plans to expand the project to all government buildings.

The campaign is not only productive, but it is also very inexpensive and therefore, the Ministry of Scientific Research Academy is studying how to educate residents about the economical and environmental benefits of rooftop gardening.

In Egypt, rooftops are often used as storage areas for furniture and other unneeded objects. In some cases, the rooftops are filled with piles of garbage and are poorly maintained and therefore, they have become a major fire hazard. The Green Rooftop Campaign is aiming to change that by allowing people to plant their own fruits and vegetables while simultaneously becoming a source of pure and clean oxygen.

The campaign is also aiming to make sure that all vegetables and fruits are fully organic and without the use of any chemicals with the use of the Fish Farming Project. This project will use the waste of fish placed in plastic tubs as a natural fertilizer for the garden rooftops.