An Egyptian Twitter user's heartwarming post about his mom won over people's hearts earlier this week. 

Known online as Fingo, the man uploaded a video of himself cruising with his mother ... and her reaction was just priceless. 

"I took my mom out today. We played Farid Al Atrash in the car, a great 60s vibe, and she was all into it. I am truly happy," he captioned his post. 

Just hours later, the tweep's clip started circulating on the platform and has since gone completely viral. 

*Emotions overload*

"Ahh my heart."

"She made me smile even though I am depressed"

People absolutely loved it

"I don't even know you and this made me happy."

"Ya zeinha"

"Your mom is so cute"

"Too precious"

It made everyone's day all the better

"Cutest thing"