A UAE-based Moroccan woman is on trial for murdering her ex-boyfriend and then cooking his remains, Khaleej Times reported

During a court session, the defendant said she killed the victim because he left her after a seven-year relationship - during which she had financially supported him - to marry another woman.

Local news sites reported that the defendant, who lives in Al Ain, had rented an apartment in Oud Al Tawba specifically for the purpose of cleaning up after the murder. In her newly rented flat, she was equipped with "knives, a big meat grinder, a saw and a gas stove."

The 39-year-old invited her ex-boyfriend, who was also Moroccan and in his 30s, for dinner at her main house. A fight later ensued and led to the woman stabbing the victim to death. 

After horrifically murdering and butchering him, she transferred the body to Oud Al Tawba and cooked the man's remains to easily dispose of the body. 

Local police received a missing-person report by the victim's friends days after his disappearance. 

When investigations led to the woman's second apartment, two fingers and a tooth were found on the premises. Moreover, when officers interrogated the neighbors, one lady mentioned the constant sound of a meat grinder for four consecutive night

"After four days from the woman's moving in to the new house,  I heard the sound of a chopping machine at 3 a.m. A strange smell mixed with that of the grill then arose for four nights," the neighbor told Al Khaleej. 

The woman, who now faces charges of premeditated murder, confessed to murdering the man in her home during interrogations. 

The next court hearing will be held on December 31 along with the presence of 24 witnesses who will testify in court.

Abu Dhabi Police released a statement

Earlier this week, news of the Moroccan woman murdering and cooking her ex-boyfriend spread all over social media and was reported by a number of international media outlets.

In earlier coverage of the story, the woman was said to have cooked the victim's flesh into a traditional meal called mashboos and served it to nearby construction workers and street dogs. 

However, these reports were firmly denied by Abu Dhabi Police, who urged people and media outlets not to share baseless news. 

"People should not share such stories on social media that are baseless and do not come from official sources. Propagating misinformation has a negative effect on public security perception and social well-being," the statement said.