The people of Twitterverse have been obsessing over a resurfaced video of Palestinian dancer Rima Baransi gracing the streets of Italy with an impromptu performance. 

However, it is not just Baransi's skills that won people's hearts, but rather her supportive father who encouraged her to dance and proudly filmed his daughter do her magic.

While the video was first shared in 2015, it recently caught people's attention yet again, amassing millions of views and comments on Twitter.

Take a look at the video that will melt your heart

Shot by her father, the video captures Baransi enjoying violinist Ivo Remenec's melodies in a street in Italy, while her father tries to convince her to dance.

When she seemed hesitant, her father told her in Arabic, "Come on Rima... Do it for me!" He went on to repeat his encouraging comments until she started dancing to Remenec's rendition of the French song "Comptine d'un Autre Eté: l’Après Midi."

After her performance, passers-by gave her an ovation and cheered for her by shouting "Bravo!"

Who is Rima Baransi?

Hailing from the city of Ramallah, Palestine, the 22-year-old dancer and choreographer was inspired to pursue dance by her mother, a former ballerina. 

She now studies contemporary dance at the Berlin Dance Institute and is a performer with "The People United Project" in Trier, Germany. 

The video of her spontaneous performance in Italy was re-shared on Twitter earlier this week and has since amassed almost two million views.

People are simply in awe of the whole thing. Here are some of their comments:

Beautiful is an understatement

The video is giving people a glimmer of hope

It's always refreshing to witness such moments

"A little bit magical"

Her father is the true hero

"Not sure who I love more"

More parents like him please!

"The kind of fathers we need in the Arab world"

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