A Saudi man decided to name his infant daughter "Homeland" because she was born on September 23, the same day as the kingdom's 88th National Day.

Now identified as Motaab Al Shalaqi, the man registered his daughter's name in Hail governorate just hours after she was born. Her birth certificate has since been uploaded to Twitter and went completely viral on the social media platform.

"Watan" broke Saudi Twitter

The news left people divided, with many hailing the girl's parents for their patriotism and others criticizing them over giving her a pretty unusual name.

Some absolutely loved the name

"Homeland... her name is so beautiful." 


"Loved the idea. May God protect her." 

Others couldn't even with it

"No, this man got too excited."

"What kind of name is this?"

A few didn't get the logic behind any of it

"What's her fault to be named like this? This is uncalled for, it's enough to love your country with your heart."

"I got a headache from all the patriotism"

Not the first time an Arab child is given a patriotic name

Earlier this year, a Saudi couple based in the UAE named their child "Emirates", saying they wanted to honor the Year of Zayed and also express their love for the country. 

Months before that, a Jordanian mother based in Saudi Arabia announced that she had named her baby daughter "Saudia". Later identified as Nadiya Mohammed, the woman said that her love for the kingdom and its monarchs led her to choose the name.