In the land of Arabs, diversity in cultures and traditions is a unique trait - one that still confuses people from the region, let alone foreigners.

So, by the time an Arab gets the hang of the Middle East's multilayered norms, they meet foreigners who once again change their whole perspective on everything.

This list sums up the many things foreigners do that couldn't be more in contrast to the way of life of an Arab. Let's take a look below:

1. "Yes" is always their answer

Arabs are known for their hospitality and generosity, so to offer any kind of service is common - especially to foreigners who need the most help they can get. 

But when we offer them the last few wara2 3arich in the plate and they say 'yes', the confusion on our faces will last for a good 10 minutes.

2. Not all of them are keen on sharing food

Many foreigners enjoy their meals without sharing it or asking if anyone would like a taste of it. An Arab employee at any office is known to bring food for about 10 people so that everyone gets a bite. That's how we roll.

3. The redundant questions

If you're asked something like "where are the camels?" and "how do you speak English so well?", you know things are getting a bit carried away...

4. The not-so-stupid questions

You've got the oblivious foreigner who's here for the view and food, and the interrogator who wants to know the year this red-brick house was built. 

The humiliation hits when political questions - to which you have no answers - suddenly make up the whole conversation.

5. Eating hummus with everything

It's all fun and games when they say they love hummus, but when they "dip" chicken in hummus instead of toum, your Arab vein snaps. 

6. They arrive on time... (why?)

If you're going out with foreigners, make sure to let them in on "Arab time" or else you'll be hammered with insults for being an hour late.

7. Their feet, yes, their feet

The very crucial point Arabs can't get over: Why do they wear sandals to a fancy dinner? Why are their bare feet on your couch?

If there's one thing we can never understand, it's how "zen" foreigners are, especially with their feet.

8. They're always laughing at your jokes

Is it because they find Arabs funny or is it their way of being polite?

9. They are amazed with everything they see

When you have to explain to your foreign friends that the dumpster on the street is just a dumpster and there is nothing magnificent or interesting about it... 

Let's go have shawarma, you can gaze at real beauty there.

10. Book, they constantly carry a book

A virtue we rarely see in the Arab world, except when we bump into foreigners. Even on a jammed bus in the middle of a heatwave, they have a book to read and keep them company.