In a twist that left fans in shock, post mortem results revealed that Bollywood icon Sridevi Kapoor died after losing consciousness and drowning in the bathtub of her Jumeirah hotel bathroom, Gulf News reported.

Earlier reports had stated that the star, who passed away late on Saturday,  died of a severe heart attack. 

Even though further details on the incident have yet to be released, police officials stated that traces of alcohol had been found in the actress' bloodstream, prompting further investigations into her cause of death. 

The latest reports have prompted a media frenzy in India with many speculating the reasons behind the star's demise. 

However, early on Tuesday, officials announced that the case has now been closed after an investigation into the matter was completed. 

The star's remains will now be repatriated to Mumbai

In a statement posted on Twitter, Dubai Media Office said the emirate's public prosecution approved the release of the star's remains to her family. 

The case had previously been referred to prosecution because the death was accidental rather than natural.

Speaking to Gulf News, a chief prosecutor said this referral is part of ordinary procedures in similar "accidental death" cases.

"In such accidental death incidents, the results of the post-mortem and forensic examination reports are referred to the Public Prosecution as part of ordinary law enforcement procedures. The papers are revised by the prosecutors of the jurisdiction where the incident happened. An official order to hand over the body of the deceased to the family or relatives is issued shortly after that," he explained

The star's remains are now set to be airlifted to Mumbai later on Tuesday. 

People are completely shocked at the cause of death

Others have been left confused

Many are outraged at the way media outlets are reporting the latest turn in the case

"Seeing some of the TV channels I wonder whether they skipped that lesson??"

Sridevi's death sent shockwaves across the world

Sridevi was considered one of the most prominent Indian actresses of her generation. She made her Bollywood debut in 1979 with the film Solva Sawan (16th Spring) and went on to become one of the first female superstars in the history of Indian cinema.

Over the span of five decades, she featured in over 300 movies and earned countless awards for her performances. In 2013, Kapoor was awarded India's fourth-highest civilian honor, the Padma Shri.

Since the news of her death broke on Saturday, people around the world have been mourning the star's loss on social media, including thousands of her Arab fans.