Bollywood icon Sridevi Kapoor, 54, passed away on Saturday after suffering a heart attack in Dubai, sending shock waves across the world.

Kapoor, one of the most prominent actresses in the Indian film industry, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while she was visiting Dubai for a family wedding.

The deceased is survived by her husband, film producer Boney Kapoor, as well as her daughters, Jhanvi and Khushi.

The actress made her Bollywood debut in 1979 with the film Solva Sawan (16th Spring) and went on to become one of the first female superstars in the history of Bollywood.

Over the span of five decades, she featured in over 300 movies and earned countless awards for her performances. In 2013, Kapoor was awarded India's fourth-highest civilian honor, the Padma Shri.

People around the world are mourning the early loss of the icon, with many expressing their condolences on social media. 

With Bollywood productions being a huge hit in the Arab world, Kapoor's many Arab fans also took part in paying tribute to the late actress:

"The woman with the most beautiful eyes has closed her eyes forever"

People can't believe the news

"She has the most beautiful eyes. I wish the news weren't true, but it is."


"I'm heartbroken. The news is really painful. The beautiful woman has left us, may her soul rest in peace."

Sridevi's most memorable pictures are making the rounds online

"The beauty icon has left."

And so are the most recent photos she shared on social media

"Sridevi's last photos."

Many Arabs grew up watching her films

"I love watching films because of her. I've been following her work since I was young, especially her film Laadla."

Nothing short of legendary

"Bollywood's legend bids goodbye to us."

"The Soad Hosny of Indian films"

"I'm sad to hear the news of Sridevi's death. She was a great actress, whom I consider the Soad Hosny of Indian films. She starred in the best films ever. I grew up in awe of her beauty and art. A huge loss. I'm really saddened by her death."