Source: Vecer

Over the weekend, a Lebanese man in Dubai was arrested on suspicion of killing a woman - his alleged girlfriend - within 18 hours of the crime. 

Dubai Police found the woman's dead body in her flat, and referred the suspect to the Public Prosecution for further investigation.

"Prosecutors are currently questioning the suspect and he remains in provisional detention pending investigation," an anonymous source told local media.  

"The motives behind the murder are still being investigated as more witnesses are to be heard," the source added.

However, the two are said to have been caught in a personal dispute, which is said to have involved controversial Facebook comment the woman had posted, according to Gulf News. 

The horrific incident took place on Thursday after the man entered the woman's flat in Dubai upon arrival from another emirate in the country. 

Following a heated argument between the two, the man punched the woman and broke her nose. 

The violence caused internal bleeding, leading to the victim's death.

Head of the Dubai Police Media Department, Lt-Colonel Faisal Al Qasim, confirmed to Gulf News that the suspect admitted to killing the woman, whom he described as his girlfriend.

"While confronting the defendant, he voluntarily confessed ... that he was under the influence of alcohol and that he didn’t intend to kill the victim," said Al Qasim, according to Lebanese media reports.

Not the first case of its kind

In April, a UAE-based man fled the country after killing and burying his wife in her home in Sharjah's Maysaloon area. 

UAE authorities filed for an arrest warrant against him with Interpol soon after the victim's body was discovered.

In many reported cases around the Arab world, whether it's a case of honor killing or domestic violence, women are physically abused and killed, with many cases going unreported due to social norms and stigmas. 

Earlier this month, a UAE-based woman filed a lawsuit against her husband of four years and asked for a divorce after suffering years of abuse.

According to Emarat Al Youm, the woman worked with her husband for four years but never received a salary. 

After years of abuse, the husband decided to kick his wife out of his house and terminate her contract at his company. Alone in Ajman, the woman roamed the streets for four days and was left starving. Desperate, she went to her husband's office, begging him for money to buy food. 

However, he refused and violently beat her, breaking several of her fingers. The woman was then hospitalized and later reported the incident to Ajman Police.