The 21st century's longest total lunar eclipse grabbed the attention of millions across the region, including people in Saudi Arabia, where it basically halted an entire wedding.

This is because a Saudi groom decided to cancel his union's celebration, asking all his guests to come together to recite the "eclipse prayer". 

One of the wedding's guests, who identified the groom as Fahad Ayed Al Nafaj, filmed the moment in a Snapchat clip he posted over the weekend.

The footage, which was then uploaded to Twitter, has since gone completely viralamassing over 531,000 views at the time of writing.

The eclipse prayer wedding is all over Twitter

And Saudis love it

"Thank God people like these exist." 

Some thought it was "beautiful"


"They chose right"

Many sent their well wishes to the groom

"May God grant him happiness." 

Turns out, it's not the only eclipse wedding prayer that took place in the kingdom

"Even at their wedding, they performed the eclipse prayer." 

"Yesterday at my cousin's wedding they prayed and cancelled dancing"

People are now sharing their own wedding eclipse prayers