Many schools in the Arab region adhere to traditional educational systems and focus on theoretical teaching methods, leaving teenagers with untapped potential in fields pertaining to entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.

Despite significant strides accomplished over the years, schools continue to lag behind when it comes to teaching more modern areas of study, adequately nurturing talent, and preparing students for the job market. 

This is where extracurricular activities and independent initiatives step in to fill the gap - STEP Group's Dreamers is a leading example.

What is Dreamers?

Having supported thousands of entrepreneurs in the region by playing a key role in the startup scene, we at STEP Group are going the extra mile to spread the entrepreneurship culture among children and teens. To do so, we created Dreamers, a platform dedicated to empowering children to become the innovators of the future.

"There has always been one key problem that we've seen and heard repeatedly over the years, and this problem is TALENT. Today, we've decided to do something about it," Step Group's co-founder and CEO Ray Dargham said in a statement announcing the launch of Dreamers.

Among the platform's first initiatives is a summer camp that will be held in Dubai later this month. Dreamers Camp welcomes kids aged 8 to 18 years to gain hands-on knowledge about future industries and technology, space exploration, along with the foundations of entrepreneurship.

The program combines theory and practice in an experimental setting - all with the help of successful entrepreneurs and professionals who will, with no doubt, offer valuable insight to those attending. 

The program consists of three modules

The camp program consists of three modules: Building the Future, Space Exploration, and Entrepreneurship Foundations

Building the Future will explore entrepreneurship and future technology through real-life examples and practice. Dreamers will get the chance to imagine and build their own future cities by delving into artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation. Meanwhile, Space Exploration will cover space and space technology through activities such as cosmic simulations, rocket-building, storytelling, and experiments. 

Both modules are curated for kids aged 8 to 13 years.

As for Entrepreneurship Foundations, which is ideal for teens aged 14 to 18 years, the program will focus on the A-to-Z of launching a potential business. 

More than just a summer camp

As a leading digital and new media company in the Middle East, STEP Group is home to a number of brands, including StepFeed.

Every year since 2012, STEP Group has been hosting STEP Conference, the largest and most reputable technology, digital, and entertainment conference and festival in the region. The annual interactive gathering brings together thousands of entrepreneurs, regional and global investors, and tech enthusiasts to boost the startup scene in the region.

Through Dreamers, STEP will now extend the knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years to children and teens. Starting off with the summer camp in June, the initiative has plenty of projects in store to prepare kids for the future workforce and educate them on innovation and technology, all the while working directly with hundreds of schools to achieve optimal results. 

This comes in line with the UAE's ongoing efforts to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, having asserted itself as a regional hub for innovation and cutting-edge technology.

You, or your kids, are a couple of clicks away from becoming a Dreamer

The program runs from June 30th to August 29th, with two cohorts available for every module. Fees range between $400 for the week-long modules and $600 for the two-week long module. 

Register here and follow Dreamers on social media for regular updates, future events, and the occasional food for thought.

*Disclaimer: Dreamers is a brand owned by STEP Group, the parent company of StepFeed.