To the surprise of many, the opening of WHITE, a Dubai-based nightclub, in the Saudi city of Jeddah has actually been in the works for months. It will open seasonally along the Jeddah Season festival. This week, the news of its official opening date was officially announced to the public.

Following the news, Twitter users launched an online party with the Arabic hashtag titled "Disco in Jeddah" to express their sentiments. Naturally, humor dominated that online party because, well, isn't that what Twitter is all about?

Let's Dance!

Comparisons between Saudi cities had to be made

A halal bar?

WHITE's full concept will be integrated into the Jeddah franchise, minus the alcohol. The high-end café will not serve alcohol, pertaining to Saudi Arabia's laws and regulations. Consuming or selling alcoholic drinks is illegal in Saudi Arabia and violators are often subject to severe punishments including imprisonment and deportation.

Halal pole dancing?

An accurate "Fifi Abdou" video to describe the mood

Jeddah's new motto?

Dance videos were all people could think about

Run Forrest, RUN!

*Editor's Note: Following the release of this article, the venue had been shut down prior to Ne-Yo's performance. The latter confirmed that claim.