On Sunday, over 150 passengers - scheduled to fly from Lebanon to Cairo via Middle East Airlines (MEA) - were forced to disembark the flight minutes after boarding.

Instead, Lebanon's President Michel Aoun boarded the flight to ensure arrival to New York just in time for the UN General Assembly meeting.

Many people blamed the president for ordering the evacuation of the passengers. However, Aoun's office issued a statement on Monday to deny those allegations. 

"Any disorder that took place is the responsibility of the party concerned with organizing air traffic," the statement said, according to The Daily Star.

Passengers were ensured bookings for alternative flights, Lebanon's national carrier said.

"An apology was issued to the passengers affected by the delay," MEA said.

In the tweet, the airline denied a previous statement which allegedly said the decision "was out of our own volition", according to Sky News Arabia.

MEA added that they had only apologized to passengers for the delay in their trips. The news caused quite the stir on Lebanese social media. 

Lebanese MP Paula Yacoubian joined the conversation with a tweet that drew much attention online.

"The father of all, put everyone down and flew away," she tweeted.

Many passengers were demanding answers

"Is the presidency in charge of making flights available?"