Over the weekend, heavy rainfall hit Saudi Arabia's Jeddah and other regions in Mecca, leading to the suspension of schools on Sunday by several education authorities in the kingdom.

These include Jeddah's Education Authority, whose officials announced a suspension ... but only for students.

Teachers were reportedly excluded from the suspension in Jeddah, but were included in it in several other cities.

Everyone wanted an explanation on the matter

Speaking to Okaz newspaper, an academic expert - who was asked to explain the reason behind the Jeddah Education Authority's decision - said it was based on previous rules passed by the kingdom's Ministry of Education.

These regulations state that in "some cases," school officials and educators cannot be included in such suspensions because they have to reorganize and plan lessons for the days after an unanticipated break.

A recently established education committee makes case-by-case decisions when it comes to including or excluding teachers from emergency school suspensions.

Reports on the decision to exclude Jeddah teachers confused many

"What's going on?"

"Al Laith's Education Authority suspended school for students and teachers but Jeddah's Education Authority only mentioned students. What's going on? Who's doing the right thing and who's following the Ministry's rulings?"

And left thousands outraged

"I want to understand, why should we go to work... do they expect us to teach the desks and chairs? Or do they just want us to go drown and die! Failed decision." 

"So the weather conditions affect students but not teachers?"

Some teachers hilariously trolled the decision

"We're waterproof teachers."

"Yes, because teachers are scuba-divers and have to extract knowledge from the depths of the floods"

Saudis responded to the news with jokes

And memes

"Tomorrow, their activities involve mopping floors and cleaning walls." 

Jeddah teachers be like

Saudi humor for the win

"The headmaster, deputy head, and guidance officer going to work tomorrow."