Earlier this week, Colombian singer/songwriter Maluma posted a video of himself dancing while on holiday in Italy. 

Naturally, the Instagram footage went viral and has since amassed an impressive 3.7 million views.

There's something about this man that often sends fans into meltdowns, including Arab followers, who really just couldn't handle it...

The video is driving people insane

"Eh el 7alawa di"

There were so many puns

"I don't blame my heart if it stops beating, I don't blame it."

People danced with Maluma... in their dreams

"I had a dream where I was dancing Salsa with Maluma. I swear I was killing it in the dream and he even complimented my dance skills. I am freaking out." 

No one can even...

"Ahhhh Maluma."

Adeela took note as well

"Al 7ob el mosta7eel"

He has done it again