Expensive tickets to a private fundraising concert set to feature Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel-Wahab in Riyadh angered Saudi tweeps late on Tuesday.

According to local newspaper Okazthe event is organized by Sanad Children's Cancer Support Association and ticket prices range from 3,000 ($800) to 10,000 ($2666) riyals. 

A few hours after news of the event started to make the rounds online, thousands reacted via the hashtag 'Sherine in Riyadh'.

While some were outraged over the ticket prices, others are defending the event and reminding everyone that it's for a good cause.

Ticket prices left people shocked and quite confused

A few were against the entire event...

"And they say this is aimed at supporting cancer patients! Can't you raise funds without Sherine and singing?"

Many compared ticket prices

"I've been to a Sherine concert in Cairo, the ticket was 150 riyals, in Jordan it was 350 riyals and that was for a VIP seat." 

Not everyone's upset though...

"To the people who are upset over this: you're not forced to attend or pay anything. This a great idea aimed at raising huge funds for the organization."

A few people raised this point:

"I don't understand why you're all so angry over this. Charity events similar to this one are held all over the world and they often target rich people who can afford to donate to charity."

"If you want to attend, go, if you don't, stay at home. Forcing your own opinion on people is unacceptable"

"To everyone criticizing the prices... it's a fundraising charity concert"