boobs or bums report
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Are you a butt or a boob person? That is *the* question.

Well, for people who are eager to know where others stand on the oh-so-baffling question, Pornhub - the world's largest pornography site - has put together a map that demonstrates preferences for either body part.

Based on a 2014 report that recently resurfaced on Reddit and was covered by Indy100, the map shows whether people from each country prefer boobs or butts. 

The study was conducted using porn search data from Pornhub and YouPorn.

The data represents the popularity of certain search results that were extracted from the porn sites' anonymized data analytics.

Here is the full map:

So, where do Arabs stand on the boobs/butt debate?

Arabs love BUTTS and they cannot lie!

According to the map, overwhelmingly, people in the majority of Arab countries prefer butts over bums.

To be fair, as one Reddit user pointed out, "boobs" are most often searched for by people attracted to women, while the "butts" spectrum is wider, as most people would be interested in them.

Egypt, Lebanon, and Palestine are the only Arab countries in which people would go for boobs...

Boobs VS Butts in the Arab world Source:

Egypt is actually the only country in the African continent that roots for boobs

The study also found that the region breeds foot fetishes

Popularity of feet wordwide Source:

"...there are lots of closet foot fetishists out there..."

Pornhub also analyzed data linked to body parts apart from boobs and butts.

When it comes to feet, the website notes that "there are lots of closet foot fetishists out there and apparently a whole lot of them can be found in the Middle East."

The study found the highest concentration of feet-related searches, like "big feet" and "cute toes," in the world occur in Syria, along with Jordan in third place.