For lovers in the more conservative areas of the Arab world, a simple rendezvous is nothing short of a challenge.

One Egyptian young man knows that all too well. 

Forbidden from meeting up with his girlfriend22-year-old Ahmad donned the niqab - a garment of clothing that covers the face - and walked to her house, before being caught and getting beaten up by villagers. 

Al Arabiya reported that Ahmad had proposed to his girlfriend several times but failed to get her father's blessing.

After returning from Saudi Arabia - where he currently works - he decided to head to her house in the village of Sowada Abu Shalabi, Al-Sharqeya governorate, while her parents were away.

To sneak into the house without catching people's attention, he dressed up as a woman, putting on an abaya and covering his face with a niqab.

However, some villagers noticed his masculine shoes and "way of walking," after which they stopped him and removed the veil.

The villagers went on to physically assault him to pressure him into revealing why he was wearing feminine attire.

To add insult to injury, they took him on a "humiliating tour around the village," before turning him in to the authorities.

According to Huffington Post Arabi, Ahmad was arrested and transferred to the Public Prosecution. Investigations into the incident are currently underway, but it remains unclear what charges he might face.

People felt sorry for the guy

"I wish him the best of luck." 


"True love"