Egypt's Tanta University is taking action against a young couple after a video of their on-campus engagement went viral on social media. 

The video sparked controversy because the students were seen embracing in the footage. 

Yes, you heard that right. 

In a statement he made on live television, the university's spokesperson Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Wahab Salem said: 

"After we heard of the incident on social media, we gained access to campus CCTV footage and identified most students who were involved in the surprise proposal. 7 students are now under investigation and the couple has also been called in. The university will take action against all those involved because they weren't granted an official authorization to host such an event. They also went against the university's rules and regulations." 

"Universities are made for study and research. We support student activities as long as they're regulated and follow specific guidelines," he added. 

When asked about whether or not the students will be suspended, Salem said a committee will have to decide on that, but also explained that officials will treat the matter with strictness. 

A member of the university's security team will be punished because he failed to notify officials of the incident, Salem added. 

The now-viral proposal sparked controversy in Egypt

The video continues to make the rounds online and thousands are reacting to it.

While many think the couple's actions were inappropriate and unacceptable, others are outraged at the fact that the young students are now being investigated. 

Some reactions were out of this world

"Wanting to imitate the West and films reached Tanta University. A student proposed to his girlfriend on campus and she hugged him in front of everyone. What's next?"

Many were angered by the proposal

"You can't call this 'their personal freedom,' a proposal and hugging on campus.... this is unacceptable. These actions also go against our morals and values." 

However, many also defended the young couple

"What crime did the Tanta University couple commit? Our society is just so sick." 

The reactions to this are simply terrifying

"The comments young people are leaving under the proposal video and the decision to investigate/suspend the couple from university... are terrifying." 

Many made this point

"Our media outlets ignored all the country's problems and focused on a couple hugging at their own engagement." 

"There's nothing wrong with the video... it's people's way of thinking that's all wrong"

"The reactions to this are unbearable. To attack, investigate and persecute these students because a guy hugged a girl! They didn't do anything, there's nothing wrong with the video... it's people's way of thinking that's all wrong."