Saudi police have arrested three men for sending $800,000 worth of gifts to a Kuwaiti television presenter and claiming they were from Saudi officials. 

Halima Boland, a television host and social media star, had raised questions after posting videos of luxurious gifts allegedly from Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, being delivered to her hotel room in Riyadh.

In response, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) announced that authorities are investigating the incident and taking action against the men behind the gifts. 

Earlier this week, the 37-year-old actress took to social media to boast about the lavish gifts she had received, featuring three million riyals ($800,000) in flowers, jewelry, perfume, abayas, along with a placard that read, "Halima Abduljalil Boland, the most beautiful women in the world would be slaves under your feet." 

In a series of videos shared online, Boland showed her followers the different gifts she received, while expressing excitement and thanking her gift-givers.

An emblem of the Saudi king could be seen among the gifts, leading her to believe they were sent by King Salman, according to Alaraby.

Saudi authorities take action

In response, Riyadh police's spokesperson said they have arrested three suspects - a Saudi, a Lebanese, and an Indian - on charges of forgery and counterfeiting official documentsThe suspects are accused of deceiving the actress into thinking the gifts were from Saudi officials "hoping to exploit it for personal interests." 

It is worth noting that the statement referenced a "female Khaleeji personality" without mentioning her name.

The spokesperson added that police are continuing their investigations, adding that they will take action against anyone who "compromises the security of any national or resident in the kingdom."

Boland responds to critics

According to The National, Boland faced heavy criticism over the incident, with several social media users expressing disapproval of the message on the placard. 

She therefore took to Twitter to write, "I will sue those who have abused me and tried to sully my reputation, through my legal representatives to anyone who has spread rumors about me, in Kuwait and abroad. Those who weren't raised by their parents will be disciplined by the law."