As Saudi Arabia gets ready to host Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny for the first time on March 30th, his fans aren't exactly as ecstatic as they should be.

A picture of a ticket for the upcoming concert in Jeddah started circulating online for one bizarre reason... "Dancing is strictly prohibited during the concert," the ticket reads. 

On top of this rule, people who have purchased Hosny's tickets were later informed that men and women will be seated in different sections of the arena where the concert will be held. 

Saudis couldn't help but crack endless jokes about how the night is going to unfold with such conditions to be implemented. 

It all started when photos of the tickets went viral

"It's like putting snow under the sun and asking it not to melt."

This is when sarcasm broke loose among Saudi tweeps

"You can attend with your heart full of faith and respect"

Some are predicting what might happen if authorities catch you shimmying

Yet some fans can't wait and have set a countdown

"23 more days till I see this beauty." 

And hundreds of excited Saudis waited to buy tickets

In addition to the no-dancing rule, a whole list of instructions is there to remind the fans of what to do and not

Another Twitter user also shared a photo of a set of instructions for the people watching the concert to abide by. 

The list includes rules like having to dress modestly, prohibiting smoking inside the arena, and not allowing children under the age of 12. 

Despite it all, tickets were sold out in 2 hours

Tamer Hosny hasn't commented on the news yet but has shared a photo on his Instagram page, notifying his followers that his concert in Jeddah is now sold out. 

"All the tickets to my first concert in Saudi Arabia were sold out 2 hours after being released and 28 days before the show," wrote Hosny. 

"This is such a great honor and I thank the wonderful Saudi people from the bottom of my heart." 

The kingdom is shifting towards moderate Islam under MBS' leadership

Saudi Arabia has recently taken huge steps forward with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's initiatives to modernize the kingdom. 

From officially ending a long-standing ban on cinemas in December to building its first ever opera house, it's safe to say Saudi Arabia's General Entertainment authority is working on modernizing the country in full force.

In February, the General Entertainment Authority's chief, Ahmad bin Aqeel al Khatib, announced that the country plans to invest $64 billion towards entertainment during the next 10 years. 

The GEA has also recently announced a plan to organize over 5,000 events this year, boasting about having already performed over 2,000 events since 2017.

The kingdom is also set to host a fashion show from March 26 to 31 in Riyadh, as part of a "push to support aspiring Saudi designers and to drive growth in the sector."