A top-trending hashtag that went viral on Arab Twitter earlier this week asked people to share what they'd name their children if they were to have any in the future.

While some took the question seriously, sharing pretty ordinary names, others had very different ideas. 

The result? Hilarious responses and name suggestions that are sure to make you laugh. 

Some just went straight to the point

"I am not getting married."

Others had a different idea

"Type out four letters with your eyes closed and consider the result your future child's name?"

Names of kids in the age of social media

"Snap, tag, tweet, follow, Insta. I challenge anyone will call their kids these names before me. I am going to make technology run in their veins."  

"I'll call them 'prettiness' and 'beauty' so people will call me..."

"The mother of prettiness and beauty."  

"I'll name my daughter, 'I'd die for'"

"So that her teachers will have to say: 'I'd die for Saud.'" 

A few names were just bizarre

"The girls: Punch, kick, lap, run."

To say the least

"Qar3a... Faqouza... Bekheeta."


No, just no...

"I'll name the boy electricity and the girl tax." 

"I'll name the first Nishimora, the second Oraw, the third Sydney"

Some people just couldn't be bothered...

"Almond and sugar"


With these name suggestions, let's just delay the entire naming process

"Maybe let their father arrive first?"