Egyptian actress, Hala Shiha, caused quite the stir last week when she announced her decision to take off the hijab and resume her acting career 12 years after she retired. 

A photo of the actress without the head veil went viral on social media, sparking a controversy that has yet to quiet down. 

The image of the actress divided people on Twitter. Many attacked her over the decision to remove the head veil via her now-deleted Twitter account, while others defended her right to choose what to do with her personal life.

One of those responding to the news online was a Saudi tweep who's so desperate for the actress to reconsider her decision, he actually offered her 300,000 Egyptian pounds ($16,754) to do just that.

Naturally, the man's post led to a hilarious meltdown

In a tweet sent out to the actress, the man, who goes by the name Khaled on his Twitter profile, wrote: 

"I am willing to pay you 300,000 Egyptian pounds, just for you to go back to wearing hijab Miss Hala."

Soon after it was posted, the tweet caught the eyes of many, who savagely trolled it. 

Many hit back with things like this

"It seems you've misunderstood religious preaching."

Others responded to the man's offer with humor

"My real name is Hala."

"Who's getting the 300,000 now?"

Everyone wants the money

"Where are the 300,000?"

"Support me first, I am from your country"

"Go help someone who needs it, enough with this stupidity"

Savagery level: Arab women

"If you like the hijab so much, wear it yourself."

"Here, put it on"

Shiha has since spoken out about her decision

In a statement she made during Sunday's episode of Dream TV's "10 PM" show, Shiha responded to the controversy surrounding her decision to take off the hijab. 

She explained that she wanted to get back to acting and felt the decision to remove the head garment was personal. 

To those attacking her with vile hate messages, the actress said: 

"I don't think anyone knows how God judges us, so they can't really tell me how I'll be judged in the after life."

Shiha, who once wore the niqab (full face veil,) also responded to those questioning how she could go from being so religious to not wearing the hijab, saying that taking off the veil doesn't mean she's no longer faithful to her religion.  

When asked about allegations stating she was close to figures in Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, the actress vehemently refuted them.