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Source: Pexels

A Dubai-based taxi driver is on trial for allegedly sexually harassing a woman he was driving around in the emirate, Khaleej Times reported

The 29-year-old Pakistani driver was accused of inappropriately touching the victim, who was sitting in the front seat of the vehicle, going as far as hitting "her on her rear."

The woman reported the incident to Bur Dubai Police Station hours after it took place on June 2. In her complaint, she said the driver had asked her to sit next to him so she could help him navigate to her destination.

The man then harassed the victim... leaving her terrified

Sharing details of the horrific assault, the woman said

"He began asking me personal questions. He suddenly put his hand on me. I asked him to stop but he said he wanted to feel the muscles of my leg. He kept touching me." 

She also explained that she pushed his hand away and repeatedly asked him to stop talking to her. 

"I noticed he was taking a diversion. He even wanted to kiss me but I told him to stop." 

The woman eventually managed to convince her attacker of stopping the car. She said the man kept touching her even as she was leaving the vehicle. Shaken, she called authorities as soon as she got back to her hotel.

The defendant now awaits a verdict in the case

After the driver was called in for questioning, he confessed that he had touched the victim inappropriately. He also told police officers that he knew "his behavior was wrong".

However, when he stood before a judge, the man denied the sexual harassment charge, claiming the incident wasn't intended. He now awaits a ruling in his case, which is set to be heard on August 9.