My mother was diagnosed with mild hypertension last month.

To make sure that she was being properly diagnosed, the doctor measured her blood pressure twice a day for a week. 

But it only took my aunt Su’ad 15 seconds to reach the same conclusion. My mother had mentioned to her that she'd been suffering from a constant headache. “You have hypertension, you should drink hibiscus (karkadeh) and you’ll get better,” Auntie replied, without hesitation. 

Our culture and traditions are rich with natural and unconventional remedies - particularly beverages - that have been used for years to cure some common conditions. 

Disclaimer: This article is based on the knowledge of Auntie Su’ad and my mother's neighbors. Not all of the mentioned remedies have been scientifically proven to be effective.

If you suffer from any of the conditions mentioned below please consult your physician first.

1. Karkadeh (hibiscus) for hypertension

2. Kaysoum (achillea) for diabetes

3. Zaatar (thyme) + Yansoun (anise) for cough

4. Babunej (chamomile ) + Sheeh (artemisia) for abdominal colic

5. Baqdounes (parsley) for UTIs

6. Jrayyet Al Hamameh (Silver Nailroot) for kidney diseases

Jrayyet Al Hamameh literally means "the dove’s foot."

7. Helbeh (fenugreek) for anemia

8. Lemon for cold

9. Mayrameyeh (sage) mouthwash for gingivitis

10. Hossalban/Ekleal Al Jabal (rosemary) to become smarter