The first day of Ramadan is finally here and that means three things: exhaustion, food cravings ... and a Ramadan Mubarak message contest. 

But, there's more to the story than just that. Here's a basic glimpse: 

1. Welcoming the annual "Ramadan Messages Contest"

2. Time becomes a foreign concept ... more than it already is

There are some seconds in the day that last longer than others. It's like the whole day plays in slow-motion ... up until iftar time. 

That's when the fast-forward button is turned on.

3. Time ... it really gets the best of you

The first day is just more difficult than others, because it's kind of like the first day of school, first day of work, first day of pretty much anything. 

Your body is just not used to the schedule. So, you may end up showering right around iftar time ... and you may do some things you normally wouldn't do. 

But, desperate times call for desperate measures.

4. You will get asked a bunch of ridiculous questions ... which you'll have patience to answer

But, this doesn't last for long. By the third day ... you just want to shove a brick in people's mouths for asking you questions that need to end once and for all. 

5. You try explaining to people that you just can't math

The birth of puns revolving around the word "sin" become all too common. 

6. The "prayer pause" becomes all too regular

Especially before maghrib time ... your mind just doesn't function that well, which ultimately forces you to repeat your prayer five times in one sitting.

7. The birth of halal texting ... as they call it

8. Like halal texting taken to another level

9. Some sheikhs join in on the fun too

Source: Instagram

10. "Last seen" is not just something Whatsapp is known for

Khalas, after suhoor is over - you forget that there's something called a fridge. 

Actually, you abandon the whole concept of a kitchen ... that is unless you're cooking iftar.