First it was Snapchat stories, then Instagram stories ... and now Whatsapp has jumped on the bandwagon. Yes, Whatsapp. 

Last night the instant messaging app introduced a new "status" feature -a replica of Snapchat's stories'- that allows users to update their status with an image that disappears after 24 hours. 

Of course, Arabs have a lot to say about it. Some with humor, others with anger. 

1. Why are apps forcing us all to be storytellers? WHY?

2. In reality, this is who will be following your Whatsapp stories

3. Along with "Abdallah el natour" and "Abou Ali satellite"

4. Will True Caller soon follow?

Translation: *True Caller is the only app that hasn't integrated Whatsapp stories!*

5. Calculators too, maybe? Please no.

6. "Calculatrice" actually fell for it!

7. But really ... "leih akel el khara"?!?

8. Since when is updating without consent OK?

9. Did you know libraries are full of stories? I swear.

10. As if we "needed more apps to see food plates"

11. PRIVACY. Where'd you go? Come back.

12. In 5 days ... people are going to obsess? Maybe? Hopefully not.

13. Probably not ... considering how many mbs will be wasted