A visit to the dentist isn't always something to look forward to. In fact, most of the time it could be dreadful. But this Middle Eastern dentist is changing that experience, one song cover at a time. 

Meet Milad Shadrooh, aka the Singing Dentist. The UK-based doctor makes dentistry fun by changing the song lyrics to suit his trade. 

His last cover of Ed Sheeran's 'shape of you' is going viral, and for all the right reasons. 

Dr Shadrooh enjoys a huge following on social media. His Facebook page alone has over 147,000 followers. He also has his own website and YouTube channel where he posts his latest tracks. 

“Dentistry made fun! Parodies for all to enjoy! Promoting Oral Health in an entertaining way!” is the tagline you'll find on his website. 

It's about raising awareness

Thanks to his videos and his positive approach, his practice is now oversubscribed. But he insists he's not in it for the fame, but for raising awareness.

"It is [oversubscribed] now!! I am getting messages from people all over the world wanting to come to my clinic! But I never intended for this to be a marketing exercise, it was purely to raise awareness and get people talking about their teeth! And to bring some fun into it!" he told The Sun. 

"The best messages are when mums tell me that their kids are now brushing better because of my songs, or when nervous patients tell me that because of my songs, they are now going to the dentist and getting over their anxiety! That was always my plan with this and I'm chuffed that it is working!"

This isn't the first time his videos go viral. He's sung This Is How We Brush Teeth (parody of Montell Jordan’s This Is How We Do It), Return Of The Plaque (Mark Morrison’s Return Of The Mack), and Filler (Michael Jackson's Thriller).