Saudi Comic-Con, the geek convention that has been garnering so much praise since it happened, is now being penalized over a violation, according to the government's entertainment agency, Middle East Eye reported. 

Details of the offense or the penalty have yet to be revealed, but such forms of entertainment have been a cautious move on the part of authorities, because of Saudi's Islamic conservative rule. 

The violation in question may have come to light due to intermingling between the opposite sexes. 

A witness has revealed that he saw young men and women talking in one of the dark halls of the venue where Comic-Con was being held and where rock music was being played. 

Men and women who aren't related are usually segregated in Saudi Arabia. While they can be in the same room at some occasions, they are not meant to interact. 

"The General Authority for Entertainment regrets the violation committed by the organizers of the Comic-Con event," the authority said, according to Middle East Eye.

Despite it's success, some of the activities at the event violated pre-discussed terms put down by the Saudi General Authority for Entertainment, Arab News said. 

Comic-Con is an international pop culture phenomenon that started in California. It's an event for fans of superheroes, science fiction TV shows and the like. Most attendees cosplay and interact with other super fans, while attending panels and buying merchandise from various stands. 

This was the first Comic-Con in Saudi Arabia, and international superstars from HBO's Game of Thrones and AMC's Breaking Bad took part in the event, among others.