It all started when Twitter user @zahriabbas3 shared a sexist tweet with his followers, explaining what he believes women should be doing during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The user shared an image accompanied with an Arabic hashtag, which translates to "advice to women before the World Cup", suggesting women belong in the kitchen during the broadcast of the games.

The tweet, which perpetuates gender-role stereotypes, led to an intense backlash, ultimately leading to the suspension of the user's Twitter account.

The user explained what an "offside" in football is, by encouraging gender-roles

Backlash followed

A counter hashtag came to life

Soon after, an Arabic hashtag in response to the user's sexist post surfaced on Twitter.

The hashtag translates to: "advice to men before the World Cup" ... and women are not holding back.

"If your team loses, don't get all dramatic"

"If the team you support loses, don't get all dramatic and go to bed right away."

"Don't go letting off steam on your wife and kids ... it's just a game"

"Don't go around acting like you're the Socrates of football"

"Women also understand football, so don't act like you're the Socrates of the game."

"Don't tune in to the World Cup if you only watch football every 4 years ... and act like a know-it-all"

"Don't bother our eardrums with the noisy honking ... if your team wins"

"Don't think you're the only one who understands the World Cup"

"To my husband: I don't want to hear screaming in the house, in the house I don't want to hear screaming"

"I wish we don't hear your voices"

"Enjoy the game ... in silence"