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Earlier this week, Nadia Karam, an Egyptian actress based in Kuwait, caused a heated debate on social media after stating she deserves the Kuwaiti nationality after working in the country's media industry for years.

As per Kuwaiti laws, it is extremely rare for any expat living in the country to be granted citizenship or even a permanent residency permit. 

Karam made the statement during a television appearance on 3s, a live Ramadan show aired on Kuwait's ATV channel and it has since gone completely viral. 

"I gave Kuwait great services and deserve to become a citizen"

During the live sit down, the show's presenter, Saleh Al Rashed, asked Karam about previous statements she made about wanting to become a Kuwaiti national. 

"I've been living in Kuwait since the 60s and completed all my schooling here. I applied for citizenship in 2008 because I've lived in the country my entire life," she responded. 

"Of course there are rules that apply for anyone to get a nationality, including being married to a Kuwaiti but I know many who were granted citizenship over offering Kuwait 'honorable services.' I feel like I deserve to be  given citizenship based on the country's fifth edict under the nationality laws."

Under Kuwait's constitution, the fifth edict in the nationality law grants citizenship to those who provided the country with "honorable services," and to the offspring of Kuwaiti women who married foreigners - only after their husbands pass away or in the case that they get a divorce.

When the presenter pressed on asking Karam what services she provided to Kuwait, she said:

"My art, there are so many artists and actresses who were granted citizenship for their work."

Karam's statement divided Kuwaiti tweeps

Some couldn't even with her statement

"Is she serious?"

And reacted to it with humor

"If you are granted the nationality, you'll end up losing your mind over the trouble of paying back loans."

"No comment"

Others felt there are people who deserve it more than the actress

"There are people who deserve it more than you Ms. Nadia. They've been living in Kuwait for decades and were even born here. Their parents also passed away in this country and they still weren't granted the honor of becoming naturalized citizens."

"Our stateless brothers are more deserving than your 'honorable services'"

"The offspring of Kuwaiti women and those who died for this country are more deserving"

Not everyone was against Karam's request though

"She does deserve it."

Some felt it is her right to become a Kuwaiti national

"Why don't you acknowledge and appreciate art and artists, she truly deserves it, she's one of us." 

Others shared this point of view

"I hope that every person who lived their entire lives in Kuwait and dedicated themselves to the welfare of this nation is granted its citizenship."