For YouTube personalities to receive backlash over the content they upload to the video-sharing platform isn't unheard of, but to land in legal trouble is not as common.

However, that doesn't seem to be the case in Saudi Arabia, where popular social media celebrity Abdul Aziz Rabih Al-Dulaijan - known as Dyler - was called in for an investigation earlier this week, over a now-deleted bathroom prank YouTube video.

In the footage, the star, who has millions of followers, appeared to be surprised when a friend walked in on him using the bathroom and filmed the entire thing. 

After getting over 200,000 views, the video sparked outrage among many who deemed it indecent and inappropriate. According to Al Mokhtsr news site, the young man landed in trouble after several social media users reported the footage to authorities.

He now faces legal consequences and will be investigated further by the kingdom's authorities.

Many were angered by the controversial YouTube video

"What did he do now?

Ask us what he hasn't done."

Many were all for Dyler being investigated

"God give you strength for taking this move, it should have come much earlier though."

"He deserves it"

Others hailed the kingdom's Ministry of Information for launching a campaign against "indecent content"

"A great campaign on part of the kingdom's Ministry of Information. Now everyone has to think a thousand times before publishing their content."

Not everyone was for the investigation though

"Why are they not attacking the scandal that's happening on Instagram... they only found poor Dyler to prosecute!"

The investigation comes as part of a wider ministerial campaign

Dyler's investigation comes as part of a campaign the Ministry of Information launched earlier this month, aiming to "clear Saudi social media of inappropriate content." 

Under the campaign, any social media video or post that violates the kingdom's rules and traditions can be reported to authorities. 

Officials then investigate reported online material and take action against those accused of uploading it accordingly.