Muslim scholar Sheikh Mohamad Al Arefe caused quite a stir on social media late on Tuesday after he posted a tweet stating that it is "haram" for women to wear flamboyant hijabs and abayas. 

The Saudi Arabian scholar is followed by over seventeen million people on Twitter and many of the women following him aren't too happy with the latest "advice"... to say the least. 

First, Al Arefe posted this...

In his tweet Al Arefe stated that wearing embellished or flamboyant hijabs and abayas is considered "haram" in Islam because it defies their original purpose: "covering a woman's adornments." 

"My dear daughter, follow God's word and avoid wearing attractive abayas," he wrote, before going on to cite a verse from the Holy Quran. 

Then, many women hilariously hit back at him

Soon after the tweet began making the rounds online, hundreds of women turned to sarcasm, hitting back at Al Arefe by tweeting out their abaya outfits. 

Sarcasm was right on point

"I hope my abaya is acceptable under these rules."  

The trolling was endless

"My abaya is white and plain, it reflects purity... it's not haram to wear it right? Because if it is, I'll immediately throw it away." 

"What do you think of my abaya?"

"There's nothing better than this color, what do you think?"

"I truly need your opinion"

Many Women now want Al Arefe's help picking out abayas to wear

"Dear Sheikh, I need a fatwa, I don't know which one of these I am going to wear to work." 

An abaya meltdown of sorts

"Isn't this the most gorgeous abaya?"