Electricity cuts are part and parcel of living in Lebanon, except if you happen to live in Zahle, where power is available 24/7. 

Waking up to electricity cuts is now history in the Lebanese city thanks to  Electricité De Zahlé and their latest ad hilariously reminds people of that. 

Posted on the company's social media platforms on Monday, the latest spot is taking social media by storm and making everyone laugh. 

People are loving it

"Chenou Heda" is now people's favorite phrase

"Wala Ahdam"

The perfect ad

Everyone's now heading over to Zahle

Zahle... niyelkon

Not the company's first funny ad

The latest TV ad isn't the company's first one and in recent months, they've become widely known for their hilarious media campaigns.  

The Christmas one...

The "7awlo" one

The "wayn yo" one

And of course the latest one, watch it here: