Egyptian Twitter user @hendandhoney recently started a thread on the social media platform titled, "Arab guys that'll break your heart." 

In it, she pinpoints various traits that are deemed red flags when encountering an Arab guy. 

Ready for it? Here are some of the most accurate points:

1. "Colored eyes"

2. "Nickname is Mo"

3. "Drives a white BMW with m stripes"

4. "If he has any Drake lyrics in his bio"

5. "He exclusively wears Adidas soccer pants"

6. "His profile picture is him blowing shisha smoke" into the camera

7. "If he has a Ronaldo haircut"

8. "Calls you habibti even though you've known him for 3.5 seconds"

9. Simply put: ALL of them

Accuracy level: 1000000

Basically, she's calling out the "entirety of the Arab male population"