Facebook and Instagram, two of the largest social media networks in the world, have both been knocked offline, in what appears to be a major outage.

According to the website DownDetector, which tracks major network outages, both social media sites went down at around 7 pm UAE time.

It is not yet clear what has caused the outage.

Many users took to rival social network Twitter to complain about the lack of service and, of course, react in the most hilarious way...

No words...

"People have post to share, pics to post and lives to live"

"So does this mean we take a moment and TALK to people face to face?"

"When in doubt, check Twitter."

Yep, everyone!

Refresh, refresh, refresh...

Good point?

Therapy appointments anyone?

"Who did this to Facebook and Instagram?"


Wow...such a deep question...

The end? Really?