This week, Tweep @TUNlSlAN made quite the witty observation on the social media platform regarding Arab flags - pointing out that they are prime examples of 'yeah you can copy my homework but don't make it bait tho.'

We all know how similar our flags are - like so similar that you can barely get half of them right in a quiz. And if you do know them all, you're marketed a genius. 

The flag adaptations truly look like some just copied the homework of others. 

So, in a bid to make it easier on others, we tried to imagine what it would have been like had the countries been students, and the flags homework assigned by a teacher.  

Disclaimer: Not all 22 Arab flags are included in this post and the date of the flags is not taken into consideration.

Assignment #1: Palestine does its homework.

Jordan asks to copy, adds a star so the teacher wouldn't notice.

Sudan then takes Jordan's copy and changes chronology of the answers.

The United Arab Emirates paraphrases everything.

Kuwait takes the UAE's summary and rearranges the answers.

Assignment #2: Show me symmetry. So, Bahrain does so with red spikes.

Qatar takes Bahrain's work and uses a different shade of red.

Assignment #3: Draw a star on a colored background. Somalia keeps it simple.

Morocco draws the star a bit differently and changes the background color. As if the teacher wouldn't notice.

Tunisia tried to cover up its copy with other shapes.

Mauritania took Tunisia's and flipped the answers around.

Algeria did its homework a bit wrong (2 colors instead of 1) just to make it look like it's not copied.

Assignment #4: Choose your favorite colors. Yemen keeps its symmetrically simple.

Iraq took Yemen's homework and did a bit of its own work to get a better grade.

Then ... you have those people who just NEVER copy.

Like never, EVER.

Like won't. Even if their homework will turn out wrong. Djibouti, stay strong.

And those overachievers. Comoros looking at you.