Recently, a couple in the United Arab Emirates began making international headlines after they were detained for having extra-marital sex --an act that is considered illegal in the country. 

Soon after the news made the rounds online, people in the UAE took to Reddit to criticize the country's rules and regulations. 

In response to that thread, Reddit user SageOf4 created another thread titled "why are you still here in the UAE" -- asking those complaining why they're still in the country if they hate it so much. 

People had mixed reactions. Some responded with a dose of humor, while others got a bit too depressing. 

Here's a look: 

1. One guy claims he's been stuck in traffic for 23 years and can't get to the airport.

2. Some are just in it for the sand ... and money.

3. Some just like the fact that Dubai makes them emotionless.

4. Some just can't get into any other country.

5. Some conversations drifted way off topic. Like wayyyyy off.

6. Others think people should just count their blessings.