If you grew up in Kuwait, this post is going to be a major flashback to ‘ayyam el taybeen’. The good old memories and days of fadda/dahab ice cream, the sha'ab park, scientific center, marina mall and of course food, lots and lots of food.

Where else would anyone have made these memories? No where else.

Growing up in Kuwait is a unique, unforgettable experience, because, let’s face it:

1. Your childhood would not have been the same without ‘Shaab Park’ and 'Entertainment City'

2. Or without IKEA’s playground - until you got too tall for their height regulations

3. Your Thursdays would not have made sense without a trip to the one and only ‘Marina Mall’

4. Your long days at school would have been impossible to get through without this:

5. Or these:

6. Where else would you have experienced all this deliciousness?

7. Or all the food overloads?

8. Your vocabulary would not have been so diverse

9. Or so useful

10. The best thing about life was this:

11. You always got away with everything because: 7ar

12. You'll always know this: