Earlier this week, a textbook for eighth graders featuring the Israeli flag instead of the Palestinian on a map of the Middle East sparked controversy in Egypt. 

The map was spotted by a student in a social studies book titled: "Our Arab homeland... geographic trends and Islamic culture."

The student then notified historian and activist Bassam el-Shamma of the matter via Facebook.  

Speaking to Youm 7, el-Shammaa said that after he was notified of the matter, he contacted the book's publishers only to find that they weren't affiliated with the country's Ministry of Education. 

The historian also explained that the publisher said that this was an error that will be corrected in future prints. 

Soon after the student shared the matter on social media, images of the book's map began to circulate online and immediately sparked public outcry. 

This eventually led Egypt's Ministry of Education to launch an investigation into the matter. 

Ongoing investigation

Speaking to Youm 7, Ridaa Hijazi, the head of Egypt's general education department, said the matter will be investigated thoroughly.  

Hijazi also stressed that steps would be taken against the publisher if the investigation finds any wrongdoing. 

Ahmad Khairy, the official spokesperson for the Ministry also weighed in on the matter and said that its officials never authorized the publication of the textbook and will now investigate the matter further. 

The flag replacement caused a stir on social media

"What's the reason behind this?" 

"This is a catastrophe"

Many were angered

"The Palestinian cause is lost... all our rulers care about is pleasing Israelis."  

Others were left upset

"We're living in a bizarre world... where this enemy becomes a friend."  

Israel's envoy to Egypt has since responded

Soon after Egyptian authorities launched an investigation into the matter, Israel's envoy responded to the controversy in a statement posted on their official Facebook account on Wednesday.  

"We are saddened to witness such controversy, forty years after late Egyptian president Anwar Al Sadat visited Jerusalem and signed a peace treaty that officially recognized Israel as a state," the statement read.