Jordanian Judge Ihsan Zuhdi Barakat has broken the glass ceiling as the first-ever female judge in the kingdom's Supreme Court, Jordanian news agency Petra reported on Thursday.

In the Judicial Council's recently-announced promotions, the Amman Court of Appeal judge has been promoted to the Supreme court, becoming the first Jordanian woman to ever reach the highest position in the judiciary.

According to Jordan Times, Barakat has already made huge strides as a woman in the field of law, as she was the first woman in the kingdom to serve as Amman's attorney general, the first to chair the West Amman Court, and the first to be appointed as an inspector at the Judicial Inspections Directorate.

That's not all. She has previously worked as a judicial inspector and appeal judge at the Amman Court of Appeal, as well as a president for the Legal Network for Arab Women, which is a regional non-governmental and non-profit organization that supports Arab women working in legal professions.

An idol for all Jordanians, both men and women

"Congratulations. You are a source of pride and an idol for all Jordanians, men, and women."

"Well done and congratulations. She is a role model for everyone, men and women, and a reflection of a society that supports women."

Barakat for Prime Minister?

"Congratulations. She deserves to become the prime minister.' 

Born in 1964, Barakat studied law at the University of Jordan, going on to work as a lawyer for 15 years before joining the judiciary.

"I did not reach these positions easily, especially considering that I am married and I have responsibilities toward my family," she previously told SIGI Jordan, a feminist organization.

"Some days, I only sleep a for a couple of hours to ensure that I complete my duties in the most perfect manner."

As of 2016, when women constituted 18% of the judiciary, Barakat was one of 176 other female judges in Jordan.