Source: Youtube

Earlier this week, a photo of an Egyptian mother auctioning her three children went viral. 

Hagar Taalab, who lives in Desouk, Kafr el-Sheikh governorate, said she and her family were forced out of their house after they were unable to make the rent, Al Arabiya reported.  

The banner she's seen holding notes how each child would help the parents provide food, shelter, and medical care. 

The family had previously asked the city's mayor to help them find temporary accommodation until they are better off, Taalab reportedly told Al Masry Al Youm. 

They were given a state-owned shop to stay in but were later kicked out upon the property's sale. 

Major General Hamda Hachach, head of the city of Desouk and assistant to the governor of Kafr El-Sheikh, promised to look into the case. 

"Look at what poverty and declining economic conditions are causing"

"God help them"