Sheikh Azhar Nasser is not your typical Muslim cleric

While Muslim clerics and preachers are often thought of as characteristically serious and stern, this Florida-based lecturer is all about humor, especially on social media

Sheikh Nasser has been winning the internet over with his funny takes on his role as a Muslim scholar, and his tweets are nothing short of hilarious.

He recently began tweeting some of the most common questions he receives, along with his sarcastic (read: savage) responses to them. 

Here is a round-up of his funniest tweets that will definitely crack you up:

On wrongly-attributed hadiths

On praying at airports

On living for the afterlife

On forgoing prayer

On untimely relationship advice

On interpreting dreams

On career options

On waking up for Fajr

On celebrating Halloween

On working in a mosque

On lecturing about the Jinn

On the smooth Lebanese dialect

And of course, on pesky #mosqueproblems

A round of applause for Sheikh Nasser!

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